Homeschool Resources

The Pinnacle Library Cooperative offers a variety of homeschooling resources. A selection of more recent titles has been curated, and you can click this link to view the items in our catalog where you can read descriptions, see where they are, and place holds.

All three of our Branches have subscriptions to Practical Homeschooling magazine that you may read in the Branch, place on hold, or checkout.

Additionally, each of our Children's Services Desks have a binder called, "Homeschool Connections Resources Binder" that you may view in the Library (not available for checkout) that contain a variety of information about homeschooling resources. 

Homeschool-Specific resources:

Leaping from the Box: Homeschooling and Unschooling Resources & Articles to assist Homeschoolers and Home Educators. Move beyond the "cookie-cutter" box mentality in your homeschooling or unschooling journey. Materials for Independent Learners including tips for using textbooks (curriculum), community resources & online information.

Home EDucators Resource Directory This is a one-stop Directory for information, supplies, services and support for the homeschool community. Organized by local, national, global resources, local events calendars, special offers, newsletters, educational articles and homeschool support groups.

Grassroots Homeschoolers a non-denominational, non-sectarian, registered non-profit organization existing for the purpose of supporting and nurturing homeschooling families. We provide social support and practical information regarding homeschooling to supporting members of the organization and the general public who are either contemplating or actively involved in homeschooling children.

Lesson Plans
History & Culture: Lesson Plans from The Smithsonian.

Military Kids Connect lesson plans integrate website content about military life and world cultures with key concepts in Language Arts, Math and other subjects.

Money: Practical money skills for children with special needs.

Shopping & Retail: 40 lesson plans to create a shopping unit.

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