Lockport Branch

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The Lockport Branch is located at 121 East 8th Street, Lockport, IL 60441.
The Library parking lot is located directly across the street from the entrance on 8th Street.

This completely renovated 19,750 square foot building was opened to the public on September 23, 2013. The original library building on this site had been in constant service from 1966 through early 2012, when it was closed for an 18-month renovation. During that time, a portion of the collection was moved to the Gaylord Building where the Library continued to serve the public. Prior to 1966, Lockport Township residents received library services for 34 years at the Boyer House, located on the southeast corner of 8th and State Street. Prior to the 1930s, the Library attributes its formation to the Lockport Woman's Club whose members nurtured a lending library that began with a donation of 50 books by Mrs. J. L. Norton in 1921.

Lockport Branch Contact Information

Main Line: 815-552-4250

Renewals, questions about your account: 815-552-4250

Evangeline Stephenson, Branch Manager: 815-552-4185

Kellen Smith, Circulation Supervisor: 815-552-4257

Adult Services: 815-552-4260

Jessi Wakefield, Adult & Teen Services Supervisor
Deborah Lullo, Adult Services Librarian
Emily Lif, Adult Services Specialist
Casey Babcock, Adult Services Specialist

Teen Services
Samantha Burkiewicz, Teen Librarian: 815-552-4255

Children's Services: 815-552-4265
Jacqueline Kohn, Children's Services Supervisor
Jane Gardner, Senior Children's Librarian
Max Hewlett, Children's Specialist
Natasha Cornelious, Children's Specialist

Off-Site Managers of Support Services

Business Manager
Debra Chapp 815-552-4224

Facilities Manager

John Jozwiak 815-552-4229
Frank Molina, Head District Custodian

Information Technology Manager
Michael Pezan 815-552-4218

Outreach Services Manager
Tina Williams 815-552-4247

Technical Services Manager
Alexi Knebel 815-552-4243