Due to the current COVID-19 mitigations, the White Oak Library is now taking appointments for passport applications, Monday through Friday.

Please call the following numbers to check on passport appointment times:
Crest Hill Branch - (815) 552-4278
Lockport Branch - (815) 552-4185
Romeoville Branch -- (815) 552-4225

For more information about how to apply for a US Passport and about how to renew an expired passport, please visit


New Passport Applications

Even though the Library is not currently accepting passport applications, we can make sure you have all of your documents, copies, payments, and photograph ready to go. This printable checklist (in English and Spanish) will help you keep track of the information you need.

What do I need to apply for a NEW passport for myself and/or my child?

Anyone who is applying for a first-time passport must apply in person using form DS-11. If you were under 16 when your passport was issued (a 5-year passport) you cannot renew.

Note: The U. S. State Department has strict photo guidelines and acceptance of your photo is always at the discretion of the U. S. passport agency.

For further information on the passport application process please visit the U.S. Department of State website. If you would prefer to call the Library, we are happy to review the passport application requirements with you.

Passport Application Status

Processing Times

As of November 2020, the U.S. Department of State estimates the following processing times for your passport application: Routine: 10 - 12 Weeks; Expedited: 4 - 6 Weeks

The Library does not have access to information regarding the status of your application. Please contact the National Passport Information Center directly.

You can check your application status online or by phone. You will need the following information:

1. Last Name
     ▪ Include suffixes (Jones III, Patton Jr, etc.)
     ▪ Include hyphens as appropriate (Jackson-Smith)
2. Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
3. Last Four Digits of Social Security Number

Check Online

Check by Phone
Call the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793 (TDD/TTY) to speak to a Customer Service Representative (Se habla español):

Monday - Friday: 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, Central Time

Saturday: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, Central Time

*Excluding Federal Holidays

Adult Passport Renewals

Adult Passport renewals are easy to do and do not require a visit to an Acceptance Facility. To renew a 10-year adult passport, visit and download form DS-82 along with the instructions. You can renew by mail if all of the following are true of your most recent U.S. Passport:

Complete the application and mail the application, payment, and the passport to the address on the form. A trip to an acceptance facility is not necessary! The Library does not accept mail-in renewal applications. Adult renewals are done by the adult and acceptance agencies do not accept these applications.
NOTE: This is a general overview and not all situations are covered. Please contact the Library or visit for more detailed information about passports.