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Library Crate



White Oak Library District is proud to announce its first book subscription service: #LIBRARYCRATE.

#LIBRARYCRATE is a three-month library book box subscription. When you sign up for the service you will receive two to three Young Adult (YA) library books picked specifically for you to check out each month. While you must return the library books and subscription box, each month you will receive special mystery gifts to keep.

Who can sign up for #LIBRARYCRATE?
While #LIBRARYCRATE is a subscription service for Young Adult books that typically target a teen audience, both adults and teen may sign up for #LIBRARYCRATE. Just know that all the books that are selected for the #LIBRARYCRATE will be YA books.

How do you sign up for #LIBRARYCRATE?
Sign up is simple! All you need to do to sign up is submit a #LIBRARYCRATE Interview.

What is a #LIBRARYCRATE Interview?
#LIBRARYCRATE Interview is a questionnaire that lets the Teen Librarian know where you would like to pick up your #LIBRARYCRATE. It also lets them know about your interest and reading taste. This way when they pick out books for you, they make sure to find ones you are interested in. Also it helps them decide on your special mystery surprises. The more information you give them, the better your #LIBRARYCRATE experience will be.

Do you have to have a library card from White Oak Library District to sign up?
While #LIBRARYCRATE can only be pick up at White Oak Library District Locations, you do not have to be a White Oak Library Card Holder. Any library card holder in the Pinnacle Library Cooperative* may sign up for #LIBRARYCRATE.

What are the mystery gifts?
Mystery gifts can be anything: squishes, bracelets, craft kits, bookmarks, candy, and more. The more information you give in the #LIBRARYCRATE Interview, the more personalized the Teen Librarians can make your mystery gifts.

Sign up for your #LIBRARYCRATE here!

*Pinnacle Library Cooperative is: Fountaindale Public Library, Joliet Public Library, Lemont Public Library District, Plainfield Area Public Library, Shorewood-Troy Public Library District, and White Oak Library District.